Saeed Ajmal takes Sachin with a beauty

Throughout the magnificent career that Sachin had in both the test and short formats he hardly had faced some bowlers who gave him a tough time. Saeed Ajmal was one of them.

Saeed had dismissed Sachin multiple times and that was because of the variations he had in his bag. It never mattered for Ajmal at what score Sachin was playing whenever he had his moment he took the wicket of Sachin.

In this clip we see Ajmal taking out Sachin with an absolute beauty and even Sachin went pass his fifty still was unable to pick Ajmal’s variations.

Ajmal went around the wicket to Sachin and bowled a brilliant dosra that pitched on the on the middle stump and spun away towards the off stump.

Sachin thought of it to be a normal off spinner and played it with a close bat to get a single on the leg side. The ball took the outside edge and went straight into the hands of Younas Khan fielding at first slip.

Pakistanis desperately needed a breakthrough and Ajmal provided it with the wicket of Sachin. Ajmal totally outclassed Sachin here.

The match was played in India so definitely there weren’t many celebrations when Sachin got out but for Ajmal and the Pakistani team they all sure enjoyed the moment.

Sachin always had appreciated the bowling department Pakistan had in the past till now when he retired from international cricket.

He always had difficulties facing both the fast bowlers and spinners from Pakistan just because the both of them had a complete variation package with them.

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