Saeed Ajmal to be tested in Chennai on January 24

The magician and suspended star Pakistani off spin bowler, Saeed Ajmal was earlier declared by PCB chairman Shahryar Khan as fit to bowl with his new action. The PCB front man earlier released a statement saying that the ICC was informed about Ajmal being ready for the tests.

It was believed that the tests were to be taken in England next month in February. Other banned bowlers were also thought to be on their way to the UK to undergo reassessments. But it has now been announced that Saeed Ajmal would have official tests under the ICC on January 24 to check for his reinvention of the previously faulty bowling action. The tests will take place in Chennai, rather than England.

If Saeed Ajmal’s new action is found to be meeting the needs and requirements of the ICC, then his ban and suspension from bowling would be lifted with immediate effect, provided, he continues with the new style. However, in case, if Ajmal fails the test, the ICC’s bowling review department would allot Ajmal a period before the end of which he won’t be able to apply for any further reassessments.


Ajmal was suspended from bowling in earlier in September because of his action being regarded illegal. Much to the sorrow and disappointment of Ajmal and all Pakistani cricket supporters, the magical off spin bowler couldn’t perfect his reinvented action in time to make it to the 15 man Pakistan World Cup squad. Ajmal does seem ready at this moment in time to get himself reassessed, but the deadline for the submission of Pakistan’s 15 man squad to the ICC was January 7.

It will indeed be considered a huge miss, because Ajmal mostly likely wouldn’t make it to the world Cup, despite the PCB trying to get over with the tests as quick as possible. National cricket academy boss Mohammad Akram has declared the importance of Ajmal’s comeback very crucial for Pakistan cricket. Akram says that although Ajmal would be missed sorely in next month’s world cup, his comeback beyond the World Cup itself would be a major boost for the Pakistan team. The NCA head coach has said that it is more important to be patient and not rush the Ajmal situation, to get him into the Pakistan fold once again.

The original date for Ajmal’s reassessment was scheduled for December last month, but the PCB requested the ICC for an extension because they felt the Pakistani off spinner wasn’t fully ready at that point.

It seems as if Ajmal’s training camp didn’t want to rush things. They wanted to make sure Ajmal’s new action was perfect to be declared fit by the ICC. Ajmal not being In the World Cup would be a sad thing for all his admirers, but what everyone has to understand is that what’s most important is for him to be playing for Pakistan after the World Cup.


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