Saleem Malik batting with a broken hand

This was a game played between the mighty West Indies and Pakistan. In that era the West Indian bowling was pretty strong. They had some lethal fast bowlers and here we see Saleem Malik batting against one of them with a fractured hand.

Saleem was hit on the hand and it gave him a fracture. He went outside and later when his team needed him came back to bat with one hand. The other hand completely plastered. This was a great resistance shown by the Pakistani batsman.

Saleem Malik batted for 41 minutes and at the end he remained not out. This historic innings was played in Pakistan. West Indies had a formidable bowling attack in those years. A young Courtney Walsh was there bowling fire from his bat.

Saleem Malik was earlier hit on the hand. The blow was so hard that it fractured his left arm. Saleem immediately went outside the ground. He was given medical treatment and soon his left arm was plastered. Saleem Malik was needed back again when wickets fell.

At that point he was there to come out again. He was stopped by his management but Saleem still went inside the ground. His left hand was fully plastered. Saleem initially tried to bat as a left hander in order to protect his left hand.

That did not out well for him. He soon had to change his position. He went back to his orthodox batting position. One of Walsh ball hit the bat and it slipped out of Saleem hand. The batter immediately kicked it away.

There was a chance that it might not fall towards the stumps. Saleem was all about courage that day. He kept on batting till the end with one hand. He did his job. No one was expecting him to bat like this and yet he did it. That was a remarkable story written by this Pakistani middle order batter.

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