Saleem Malik batting heroics with fractured hand

Saleem Malik is one of the tainted names in Pakistan cricket. He played a lot of games for Pakistan and was one of the finest middle order batsmen. But he was involved in the match fixing and as a result he was axe from the Pakistani team.

Here we see Saleem Malik coming down to the bat with a broken hand. Earlier he was hit on the hand and he got his wrist fractured. He went out of the ground and he had his hand plastered. Pakistan lost wickets in that match.

The match was against West Indies. At the end Saleem Malik went out and batted with his plastered hand. His left hand was injured and we could clearly see plaster wrapped on his left hand. But he was there batting.

First Saleem tried to play as a left hand. He wanted to save his left hand from getting hit by the ball again. West Indies was operating with fast bowlers and Walsh was steaming in on every ball. Saleem who was an orthodox right handed batsman faced issues while batting as a left hander.

He later went back to bat as a right hander. He defended a few balls really well batting with one hand. He was not using his left hand at all. In one of his defensive shots, his bat slips out of his hands and he had to kick it away so that it does not fall on the stumps.

Wasim Akram was with him at the other end. He was in continues talk with his team mate. Wasim was giving Malik all the confidence. Saleem was able to sustain a good number of overs in that game. This was extreme heroic from the middle order batsman.

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