Sania places her hand on mouth as Malik walks back

Sania Mirza gets the first bad news from her husband Shoaib Malik as he was stumped today without getting something big which these days he was getting in abundance, first against Zimbabwe and then the Srilankans.

Shoaib missed out today in the second and final T20 game of the 2 match series and with him losing his stumps, Pakistan chances of winning this one goes more down the hole. Shoaib was needed badly on the wicket because of his experience and hard hitting.

Siriwardane the left arm off spinner took the better of Malik. Malik in his first over tried to go after the spinner to put him in pressure straight away but that didn’t happen for the former Pakistani captain.

The first ball was missed out by Malik as he advanced down the track but had to put his left leg to the ball to counter the speed and spin on the ball.

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On the very next ball Malik again left his crease and it was for the last time as well. This time Siri bowled the ball with a better line. It pitched within the stumps and moved away from Malik who first tried to hit the ball but then at the last moment went to defend it but missed both the times.

The ball went to the keeper and Malik was no close to the crease to try to make a return move. He was a goner and he was all frustrations the moment he knew he is out. Sania on the other hand paced his left hand on her mouth in sadness.

She couldn’t believe it. She looked sad and demise over her husband’ sout but this is sports and in sports there are good days and there are bad days.

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