Santner takes out Nevill, best catch of the match

M Santner has surely taken out the best catch of the match and probably the series so far. There were many reasons that had made this catch a special one. It doesn’t look extra ordinary with the naked eye but slow motion replay and the detailed geometry is the things to look upon it again.

P Nevill, the Australia wicket keeper batsman who hit a beautiful and much needed half century was batting with number 10 m Starc. The lead was 22 and Nevill wanted to hit a few so that he can put up some more runs into the lead.

He went against Bracewell and hit his fuller length ball right towards deep point. The shot went in the air and Santner was positioned by captain McCullum to take down anything that comes in the air like this one.

Now Santner first lost the ball as he over ran it but as the pink ball came close to him, he spotted it well enough and rest made everything accurate.

Santner pulled his brakes and within the next second he was air born towards his own left and both his hands were around the dipping pink ball.

The catch was taken. Replays showed that Santner judged it perfectly at the end. He did lose the ball in the background for a few seconds but made a good recovery afterwards.

New Zealand are back in the game as they have taken down Australia with not so much runs as a lead that could have bothered them in the second innings. This game will surely bear results.