Saqlain’s maiden world cup hat trick

Saqlain Mushtaq played the same role as a spinner in the 1999 world cup that Mushtaq Ahmad did in the 1992 world cup. Both turned around the entire bowling look out with their majestic spin bowling.

Saqlain was one of the highest wicket takers during that tournament and also completed a hat trick against Zimbabwe.

Saqlain’s first pray was Henry Olonga who was trying to hit a big shot for the previous few overs. He finally gave it away and went down the crease to hit Saqlain over the park but it was dosra and Henry missed it all together.

Moin collected the ball and disturbed the stumps in no time and henry though tried to get back in didn’t succeed.

The next one to depart was Adam Huckle who on the very first ball that he faced tried to do some maverick and came down to Saqlain to hit him towards the leg side.

It was another dosra and Adam missed it by miles and Moin collected the ball and off the bails went. Adam was way outside the batting crease that time.

The final pray to Saqlain’s hat trick was Pommie Mbangwa. Wasim set an attacking field and 6 fielders were near to bat to catch an edge.

Pommie knew he has to play it inside his crease. Saqlain planned to bowl a dosra again. His bowled it perfectly within the stumps and Pommie tried to defend it and doing so went across his stumps too much.

The ball hit his pad instead of bat and Saqlain appealed for an LBW it was a plumb one and umpire didn’t hesitate in giving Saqlain his third wicket in a row.