Sean Dickson given out after handling the ball

This does not happen for the first time in any format of cricket that a batsman was given out after handling the ball to stop it going towards the stumps. However for Kent County the recent incident of Sean Dickson’s handling the ball incident occurred after 1872.

In all those years never Kent player got out in this bizarre manner. Dickson also is the first opener who has been given out handling the ball. This indent happened a few days ago in the game between Kent and Leicestershire.

Ben was bowling with the new ball against Dickson and he pitched up a very  full-length ball. The idea was to give Dickson some tough time tight the Yorker. The ball did not hit as a perfect yorker yet it did the job for Leicestershire.

Dickson comfortably defended the ball but then he saw it slipping towards the stumps and despite stopping his from his boot which is allowed to the batsman to do so, he stopped the motion of the ball with his right hand.

Dickson when handled the ball, Leicestershire wicket-keeper Niall O Brian was the first one to appeal against this action and soon the bowler and other members of the team joined him as well.

The umpire went to the leg side umpire and after having a brief consultation with each other, Dickson was given out. In the past, we have seen many major names of cricket throwing their wicket in such manner.Graham Gooch, Michael Vaughan, Mohsin Khan and many others have been given out handling the ball. In the county season, the last time a player handled the ball was Chiteshwar Pujara for Derbyshire.

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