Sean Dickson handling the ball gets him out

Since 1872, Sean Dickson has become the second player for Kent County who has been given out on handling the ball. He also becomes the first opener to be given out in an absurd manner. Dickson met this unfortunate way of dismissal a few days back.

This game was happening between Leicestershire and Kent. Dickson was opening the innings for Kent while ben was bowling with the new ball for Leicestershire.

Ben bowled a full-length ball to Dickson which he played confidently with his bat. The ball hit the bottom part of the bat and started rolling behind towards the stumps. Now here Dickson did not use his mind. He should have easily stopped the ball with his boot.

This was legal had he stopped the ball with his boot but he went to his right and moved the ball away from the stumps. Now when this happened the Leicestershire wicketkeeper made an appeal. Soon O Brian was joined by the bowler and fielders as well.

Dickson did not move much and the two umpires had a talk before they gave Dickson cut and he had to walk back from the ground.

This is not the first time that a player has been given out in this manner. Some big names of the game felt pressure and handled the ball to save their wickets but eventually all of them were given out on handling the ball.

A batsman can stop the ball from hitting his stumps but only with his boot and nothing else. Players like Graham Gooch, Michael Vaughan, and Mohsin Khan are those former players who lost their wicket to such decisions. Pujara is the last man before Dickson who handled the ball and got out.

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