Shahid Afridi 4 Huge Sixes against Srilanka

Shahid Afridi played one of the most important innings of his life yesterday. It was a captain’s knock from the big man and it was indeed a treat to watch him firing some runs from his bat. The drought of runs for the veteran Pakistani ended yesterday against Srilanka.

Afridi played a blinder of an innings right at the second half of the match when his team was almost out of the context. The match was in Srilanka’s lap and only a miracle could have saved his team and the miracle started happening right from his own batting.

Afridi scored 45 runs of merely 22 balls. He hit 4 giant sixes in his innings and he was the first batsman for Pakistan to start turning things around for his team. His first major hit came to left arm off spinner Siriwardane.

It was a short one from Siriwardane bowled quicker through the air and Afridi rocked himself onto his back foot and hit the ball through mid-wicket for a long six. Afridi would have never missed those short ones from any spinner.

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The next two hits were stuck on the bowling of Jeffrey. The inexperienced Srilanka young lad had to put it right against Afridi and he missed his mark twice and both times he was belted down the leg side from Afridi.

The first went right towards the square leg fence while the second one went towards the backward square leg fence. Both the shots came of two consecutive flicks from Afridi. He is so muscular that his flicks went a long way over the fence.

The final hit was again the Srilankan captain Malinga who is definitely struggling with his bowling. Malinga too went short against Afridi and as he already had hit three to his name so picking Malinga down towards the square leg fence was not a big deal for Afridi.

This time it was just a tap to the ball and it went straight and flat to backward square leg region for another huge hit.