Shahid Afridi 80 runs on just 42 balls

IPL has become one of the most influential T20 leagues in the world. The Indian premier league was started in 2008 and now it has the highest number of viewers in the world. There is not a doubt that this one cricket league is the biggest of them all out there.

The reason for the success of IPL is the content. Cricket is a game almost worshiped in India and there is a lot of crazy about this game in India. The neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh to have much intensity about this one game, cricket.

In this league, you can see all the major names taking part. There are few English players who don’t come to IPL else the whole world comes in for sure. The Australians take part in only two leagues IPL and their very own BBL.

Money is another by attraction from the IPL. A number of money players are getting from IPL is much more than what they are getting for playing for their own national side. Player’s match salary in IPL is more than a test match salary. This is what attracts players.

Now to cement their places in the teams the players give in everything during the tournament. This gives a new level to competition in the league. The intensity increases and so does the standards. S IPL has given a change to the world of cricket and there is not much debate on it. IPL has now become the worldwide recognized the brand and everyone wants to get attached to it by any means.