Shahid Afridi 9 ball 21 runs VS Red Steel

Shahid Afridi is a huge profile player and with the powerful resume he has it becomes obvious for all that he will be seen in any international T20 league played around the world and this year’s CPL was one of the those events.

Afridi remained poor in his performance with both bat and ball and he and his franchise had a tough league. Afridi didn’t do much with the ball and bat and his franchise lost a lot of matches as well and in result remained at the bottom of the charts.

However in the CPL Afridi somehow managed to hit a few so that his name lives. One such innings was against the champs Red Steel. Afridi blasted 21 runs of just 9 balls. His innings had 3 boundaries in it, 2 sixes and a four.

His first hit was a six straight down the ground on the bowling of left arm off spinner Dara. Afridi used his feet and went straight to the pitch of the ball and after that it was the ball and the stands.

The next two hits came on the bowling of Cooper. Cooper first was slashed onto the off side for a four. Afridi gave himself a bit of room to a bit fuller one from Cooper and he slashed the ball hard down to the point region.

The fielder missed the ball and it went like a flash to the ropes. Cooper on obvious note was not too much impressed about it. The next hit of Cooper went straight like the very first one. Almost the same all from Cooper again.

This time Afridi hit it straight. Afridi had to wait for it a bit as it was bowler with a slow pace but Afridi made sure that it lands in the same area where the first one went.

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