Shahid Afridi brilliant batting in English county

When we say that cricket has changed a lot then there must be a reason for it. the one reason that has changed the modern day cricket is T20 leagues like IPL and BBL.IPL is the biggest t20 cricket league while BBL comes second to it in terms of fan following and viewership.

These two leagues now hold a place in the list of top ten most watched sports leagues and in this list we have NFL, La Liga Football league, and NBA as well. so this will give the viewers a brief idea about what IPL and BBL have achieved now.

The reasons that IPL has becomes a success or BBL is the audience. Both in India and Australia cricket is one of the most favorite sports. Billions of people watch it and millions are those who play it as well. so automatically the numbers are there.

In India cricket is more like a secondary religion. Evry time the IPl comes the stadiums seem jam packed. Now only this but also there are many who used to see all the game son their TVs.

The same case in Australia. the numbers of the audience present n the stadium is huge and then there are many other watching the BBL in their homes.

Once the revenue came in IPL, this league started to give the players a lot of money. The main attraction for the players became the money which they started to get from IPL. Now the contract amount of players in IPL is higher than their central contracts with heir respective cricket boards.

This has changed things in cricket. the money demands efforts and as a result, the players are always keen to give the best performance. This intensified the matches and as a result, the level of entertainment raised up as well. T20 cricket is the catalyst here in this change.