Shahid Afridi Gets De Silva

De Silva made 31 in the previous match against Pakistan which is not a big but it was the importance of this innings that made De Silva a bit of hero. He led the team hit from one end and kept the crease from the other.

Today again he was looking to play the sheet anchor role and Pakistan needed wickets from both end to catch up the Srilankans so his wicket was the most important one from the top order and after dismissing the openers, De Silva was the next target.

Afridi himself came to bowl and in his second innings he was able to clean him up with the one that goes with the angle. De Silva who was considering it to be yet another leg spinner was completely foxed from Boom Boom.

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De Silva stayed in his crease to his back foot and this where he missed the trick. He should have brought his front foot out of the crease. The leg movement may have saved him from getting out but unfortunately he didn’t apply this technique.

There was a gap present when he went to defend the ball and Afridi knew where he has to put it. The ball went in the gap and rest was history for De Silva. He went out in the 9th over with his team score was 61.

Srilanka are now right on the back foot and Pakistan is attacking ball after ball and the hosts now need a partnership to get out of this misery which has been applied by the Pakistani bowlers.

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