Shahid Afridi hopes for a better result from Pakistan in Australia

Shahid Afridi is pretty much hopeful that Pakistan will do better in the upcoming matches against Australia. The former captain and all-rounder believes that it is hard to just travel to Australia and start winning matches as an Asian side.

He said that there is a lot of things which needs to be changed in Pakistan cricket. Afridi said that he believes that Pakistan team plays most of the time in UAE and hence overnight results in New Zealand and Australia are not possible. Fans will have to wait for that.Shahid Afridi was present in the city where he was born and grew up. He said that he is really pleased to be here again. Afridi said that his foundation has been given a lot of charity and hence all that money will be spent on the welfare of the deserved ones.

Afridi said that the university in which he was present is doing a great job. Apart from education they are managing the sports activities really well which is a good sign. Afridi said that former players come here and train the locals which is a really good thing. Afridi on the performance of Pakistan team said that Pakistani fans will have to keep one thing in mind that the results will come late. He said that there are many things which are there to be seen and observed. Pakistan plays most of their cricket in UAE. Now there the pitches are dead.

There is no pace and bounce on these tracks. Hence batting is a lot easy and bowling with pace is difficult. Then after this comes the spinners who enjoy bowling on such tracks. Now when Pakistan goes to New Zealand and Australia, the pitches are fast and bouncy. On such tracks Asian players struggle a lot. So Pakistan is struggling a bit now. But at the same time the way they made a great fight back in the first test and almost won it shows the character of the whole unit. All their need is support from the fans. Afridi said that he is very much hopeful that Pakistan will give much better results in the upcoming matches. As for his last game he said that he will not beg to the PCB for one final game. He has been given love and support from the fans throughout his career and even now people love and support him. So it is up to PCB that what they decide in his matter. He should be given one final game.

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