Shahid Afridi opening match in BBL

Shahid Afridi was part of the BBL league back in 2011-12 season. The performances from the Pakistan all-rounder were not that bad but as the standards of this league is very high hence he was not taken back by any side after that season.

You have to be on the top of your game whether you are an Australian player or an overseas pick. The Australian BBL is always about talent, skill and power. It drains sweat and hence there is always entertainment coming out of this league. Afridi in one of the games performed exceptionally well. He hit 35 runs and took three wickets in the game. He was named the player of the game as well. But that was his only performance that can be labelled as a genuine all-round performance. Apart from this there was nothing much from Afridi.

Afridi first hit some lusty blows to reach to 35 runs in no time. He came to bat and has one thing in mind, slog the ball hard and long as possible. This is what he is known for. He comes it faces less balls and hits some big shots. T20 cricket is all about this style of batting. Afridi hit a couple of big shots in his innings. He timed the ball really well. But then again he was trying a bit too much and at the end he was caught at long off. But after getting some runs with the bat he was there with wickets as well. Three wickets for Afridi in the game. He surely knew what he was doing in the game.

Melbourne Renegades won the match just because of his performance. Afridi was on a hat-trick at one point. The hat-trick ball was a wicket taking one but the batsman Christian played it really well and defended the hat-trick. Afridi bowled three superb balls.

In fact on the fourth ball he got the wicket of Christian as well. Afridi showed his skills with the bat and ball in that game. It was really sad to see him not getting a place in any of the sides after that edition. There was always a chance to get him in the side. There are multiple teams that are taking part in the league. BBL is one of the best T20 leagues. The viewership is always on the higher side on this event. There are a lot of people who follow this league. The best however remains IPL. The Indians have put a lot of money on this league and they are now getting the desired results as well.

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