Shahid Afridi singing “Mauka Mauka” for Indian team

Shahid Afridi yesterday appeared on a famous TV program hosted by the veteran comedian Umer Sharif. Umer shared many jokes with Afridi and asked him many cricket related things.

One question however was particularly very interest as Umer asked Afridi to tell the audience what he felt when he saw Indian getting out of the world cup.

For me it seemed wrong that our neighbor Indian advances more in the world cup so I use to say get defeated as soon as possible so that we can watch the final together Umer joked about it.

Afridi reply was even funnier when he sung Mouka song on Umer’s question and Umer and the audience laughed hard about it all. Afridi then told he never knew what this Mouka song is.

Someone messaged me a clip on Whatsapp and in it some Pakistanis were going out to every Indian and use to ask him are you an Indian and if he say yes then they were seen singing Mouka song on their faces.

I asked my friends what is that Mouka thing and from them I learnt about it. Umer then added that the Indian feel too much proud about their cricket and Afridi second this thought.

In the Asia cup they made such promos and in the end went shameful about it now in the world cup they repeated the same mistake.

Of all the Mouka promo replies we have seen on the social media this one would probably be the best as we see Afridi this time making his own reply to the Mouka promo.