Shane Warne met Yasir Shah before Match, 2nd Test

Yasir Shah is one of the best Pakistani leg spinner. He has made many records in no time. Yasir Shah made every one his fan. All Pakistani likes Yasir Shah’s bowling. Yasir Shah bowled really well in almost all matches. In the first test against Australia Yasir Shah wasn’t performed well. Shane Warne and all the senior leg spinner didn’t likes yasir’s bowling in first Test against Australia.

Shane Warne is no doubt a very talented and very good leg spinner of his time. When he saw bowling of Yasir Shah he praises his bowling and call him best Asian leg spinner. Before second Test against Australia Shane Warne met Yasir Shah in the practice session and give some useful tips to Yasir Shah. All Australian were becomes fan of Yasir Shah bowling.

Call it another day in test cricket and another meet up between Shane Warne and Yasir Shah in the first test Yasir met Warne before the start of the game. There was no camera present near the two to record the voices but the gestures showed that surely Warne was giving some tips to Yasir on how to bowl at the Gabba.

Yasir could not prevail despite listening to Warne. The fault was his own and Warne did criticize Yasir for his negative strategy bowling. He said that Yasir needs to learn a lot. He made mistakes in the first innings and did not pick up anything and repeated the same mistakes in the second innings as well.

Now once again the two leg spinners were in the ground. Yasir had a detailed session with Warne. Once again Warne was seen telling him where to bowl, how the batsman will go at him and all the associated plays. Now Pakistan is bating at the moment and only time will tell whether Yasir picked up anything from this session or not.

Warne is a big fan of Yasir Shah. He feels that that leg spinner from Pakistan is the best leg spinner in the world at this moment. But at the same time Warne believes that Yasir will have to learn a lot of things before he could go on. Yasir has no genuine variety. He has to learn how to bowl googly and the flipper. You cannot live much in test cricket as a spinner unless you have variations. Warne had them and he is referred to as the best leg spinner in the history of cricket. Yasir has the best mentor. All he needs is to get the job done as per the instructions which Warne gives him time to time.

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