Sohail Tanvir best over

When we say that Pakistan cricket is far behind the rest of the world then it does not mean that the talent has faded away or there is a lack of abilities. It is the foundation of the players hate is not strong and hence, they fail to compete against the world.

Talent is important but then hard work and commitment is more important than talent. The reason is that a talented player always remains a raw talent unless he enables himself to become a good player by hard work.

Australian captain Steven Smith is the prime example of this line. He does not possess a great batting technique but it is his hard work and commitment that made him a great player.

He is now one of the best batsmen in the world because he has opted out hard work for himself. His nerve backs down after facing problems.

No player comes to international cricket like Indian batting superstar Virat Kohli . he is a special case. He is full of confidence yet Kohli makes a lot of hard work. He never opts out lame excuses for himself.

This is something which is absent from the Pakistani players. They are lame in hard work . so of them even think of themselves s bigger than the game itself and that is where they lose everything. No matter how big a player you are but you are not bigger than the game.

Pakistan batsmen are not even average in the current standards yet the audience loves them and they should respect this love.people want them to perform and they should do this as well.they need to think out of the box because the modern day cricket is pretty cruel and it does not let normal players run for a long time. this is how cricket is played now.