Stuart Broad 2 Wickets on 2 Ball Against Australia

We all know that the ICC cricket world cup 2015 has kicked off and the English team is currently having an encounter with their old rivals Australia. The match is under way and can be seen on local TV channels.

Australians are the ones to put up their sleeves and started batting first. The start was good but for any viewer the big question was how will they play Stuart Broad? Hailing from Nottinghamshire, Broad always wanted to be a part of English team.

He made it in 2006 and since then he has been trade mark for English fast bowling department. Broad has been a threat for the batsmen all around the world.

Australians openers made sure they occupy the crease and get into rhythm to make sure Broad doesn’t harm them with his bowling. But it went all too wrong for them. With the varieties Broad carries it is easy to cater this giant.

The first victim to his lethal bowling was David Warner the Australian opener. He was batting nice but the ball just too good for him. Broad bowled an absolute beauty and shattered the stumps of David Warner. It was an in swinger and Warner had no answer to it.

The next in line was Watson and Broad bowler another classy to him. This time it was and out swinger and Watson though tried to play it a very straight bat but in vein. The ball took and outside edge and Watson was only able to see it going into the gloves of the wicket keeper.