All team out on just 3 runs

This has hardly happened in the history of cricket. The lowest total is the domestic cricket by any team is in single figure. This one here is not the least total achieved but this is one of them. This team scored just three runs in their second innings. This team was chasing just 108 runs. They bowled brilliantly in the first innings. They made sure that their bowling is up to the mark and it was. Their bowlers bowled with a great line and length. They hit the mark in their bowling.

The opponents were all out on 108 and then when this team Wirrale cricket club came into bat they had the disastrous start. They had their openers out early and then the pressure mounted and it kept mounting on the young players.

They all tried to get out of it and played lame shots. The batters here thought that the only way to attack at the team was play shots. They all tried it and failed. They kept losing wickets in order to play attacking cricket and at the end it was all out.

The whole team lost the match by 105 runs. They just made 3 runs on board. It was really hard to believe. The ball was not doing much but at the pitch it seemed it was doing everything. The batters were absolutely crazy about it. The news reporter covering this game was absolutely stunned to tell about this match. As per him he had never seen such a low score by a team. He said that it was hard to see what the eyes were showing. One of the player said that they went under pressure and never got out of it.

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