Thrilling finish in New Zealand T20 tournament

In one of the group stage games in the ongoing T20 league in New Zealand the bowling team won the game on the last ball on the match. The batting team needed 2 runs to win the game and they got the perfect ball to get those runs and yet they failed.

The last ball became all too epic. It was a full toss outside the stump now such balls in T20 are one the batsmen dream about. They are so easy to be hit on any side of the ground and yet in pressure the batsman made a mistake and got himself out on this one.

The batting team did a great job in the chase. On the final ball of the match they were required 2 runs to win the game. Now the batters present on the crease decided to go for a single and draw the game. This was also the best options under the circumstances. Now the batter already had planned in his mind that the moment he touches the ball he will scamper for a single. The runner also had the same thought in his mind. So they both were ready for a single. Now what they did not know was about the line and length of the ball.

Now in such conditions the bowler is under pressure as well. We see the bowler running in and he went for a yorker here. The most difficult ball to bowl in cricket is the yorker. Often the yorkers turned out to be low full tosses.
Here it as not low but a nice juicy full toss. The batsman had all the opportunity to just hit the ball hard and get the winning runs. He under pressure drilled the ball into the short covers where there was a fielder stationed. The ball was fielded and the fielder went running in towards the bowling end.

He hit the stumps with the ball in his hand and ran out the batter. This was the best game of the event so far. The batting side after getting so close to winning or even drawing the match ultimately lost the game because of their own mistake. The fault was with the batter here. He did not hit the ball in the gap. He should have because al the fielders were inside the circle so taking a single was highly dangerous. Once he hit the ball into the hands of the fielder there was no chance left for him to reach the bowling crease as the fielder was standing too close to the stumps.

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