Thrilling last ball finish in BBL 2016 match

Another game in the BBL 2016 and another thriller for the crowd to witness. This game was between Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat. Sixers batsman Quinney tried till the last ball and he did had the perfect ball to get the winning runs but he failed. Duffield who was the bowler was under pressure hitting a lot of full tosses in the final over and he was spanked for a six as well. But then at the end he managed to have the luck sitting right beside him. This was a great game of cricket for the audience.

For the stars it was either Quinney or no one. He was batting on a well settled score and there was only he who could have given the stars a win out of this over. There were 16 runs left to get in the final 6 balls for the stars. The first ball was full and straight and the Stars batsman tried to hit the ball on the off side. A bottom edge took the ball to the wicket keeper. In the mean time the two Stars batter were able to get a quick single. The wicket keeper did hit the wickets with an under arm throw but Quinney was safe when the bails flashed.

The next ball was hit towards long on and despite the fielder Cutting got slipped he still managed to stop the ball and reduce the Stars batters for just a couple of runs. At that point the match was evenly posed between the two sides. The next ball was a full toss and this time Quinney got underneath that one. He heaved his bat on the leg side and this one hit the middle of his big bat and landed into the stands over deep backward square leg. This was a massive hit and put the balance of the match into the stars side.

At that point the stars could have easily managed to win the game but they could not hit the big shots. The last three balls of the match did not give much runs to Quinney. After hitting a six he got another ball that he could have easily dispatched for a six again but he missed out. There was only a single taken on that ball. That was the turning point of the game. The fifth ball gave Stars another single. Now they needed a six to win the match. Five runs were needed to win the game and four for the tie. Duffield gave another full toss but again Quinney missed it.

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