Umpire’s decision cracks laughs in Pakistan Australia game

The Pakistan Australia second day of the second test became a full entertainment package today. There was plenty of things that happened today. Australia got a few wickets. Pakistan batsman hit some good runs. Azhar got a hundred a scare as well.

The third umpire on a run out appeal gave Azhar out while he was inside the crease. That was a mistake which was immediately rectified. The third umpire must have pressed the wrong button here. But this error made every one laugh.This funny incident took place in the over of fast bowler Bird. Azhar was standing at the bowling end. His partner Asad Shafiq was all set to face another ball from Bird. This was a length ball and as there was zero movement on the ball, Asad went for a straight drive.

The ball hit the bat and went back at Bird. Now the fast bowler stretched his right hand and his fingers brushed the ball. The ball went straight into the stumps standing at the bowler’s end. The bails went off and Azhar was seen on the ground completing his effort to get back in the crease. The Australian bowler made an appeal and the umpire referred it upstairs. You are never sure about such run out chances. There have been moments when we have seen the batters behind the bowling line and hence got themselves out.

Here Azhar was inside the crease. He touched his bat down in time and as a result he was save enough to reach over the line in time. Now the replay was shown on the big screen as well. Every one saw the reply and the commentators and everyone else knew it was not out.

Now the umpire somehow managed to press the wrong button. There was a big out seen on the big screen. That must have out Azhar’s heart into his mouth. He would have been shocked to see the red sign. He knew in fact everyone knew he was not out. But soon the umpire intervened. Umpire Ravi asked Azhar not to leave the ground. Then the not out sign was displayed on the big screen as well. The Australian team was seen laughing on the incident. The crowd was saying the typical boo to the umpire. That was pretty hilarious for sure. The commentators said that this must have given someone a heart attack. All they needed was to see the green light immediately. Pakistan is going well in the second test at this moment.

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