Wahab makes huge mistake, Warner save, 2nd Test Australia

Wahab Riaz today gave Pakistan a very costly miss. He bowled out David Warner and then saw the umpire raising his hand to signal a no ball. This was absolute criminal on account of Wahab. He is a regular one with the no balls issue. Every time he comes in to bowl, we see a lot of no balls from him.

This was an excellent ball apart from being a no ball. Wahab hit the right channel. He beats Warner all ends up, the ball hits the stumps and then at the end nothing happen in the favor of Pakistan. It was a big no ball and Wahab grabbed his head. Misbah looked pretty displeased with him.

It was an absolute shocker from Wahab Riaz. He bowled the best ball of the day and it turned out to be a no ball. That was heart wrecking for him, for his captain and team mates and for the Pakistani fans. This was unbelievable from him. The no ball saga continues for him.

This ball was bowled at the speed of 150 kmph. The line at the start of this ball was middle and off stump and then it swung back a little bit. The movement in the air defeated David Warner who was on 81 at that time. The ball came swinging in and hit the pads first and then went straight into the middle stick. The umpire checked this no ball instantly and raised his hand. Warner looked at the umpire and went back into his crease. He gets another life. Wahab could not believe his fortunes. Misbah was standing lost at mid-on. He knew that it was important, very important.

Pakistan did not get much chances in the play today. To win this game they needed to get wickets. Yasir gave the first one early but after that the two left handers Warner and Khawaja hit back at Pakistan and scored some good number of runs. Pakistan bowling was wavered once again.

This is something which only the bowlers can tell what they did in the center. There was no attacking bowling from them. They were pitching the ball on almost all the areas of the pitch. There was no one line and direction in the bowling. This made the Australians comfortable in the center after a few spells from each bowler. Pakistan now has to do a lot again in the second innings. There is not much time left in the game but still Australia can make a come back here which they are.

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