Worst over in Cricket history

If we talk about cricket then one thing is for sue that it has changed a lot. All the three formats have given the players new opportunities and innovations to make the most of their talent and cricketing abilities.

The test matches have changed now. Now there is hardly any test match seen going for a draw. Most of them give results. Most of them even end up in the first three or four days. so this is a sign that now the game has become intense.

One fault from one player and that is it. the opponents jump to get the best from the other team. now the best part is that in these games both the teams fear to make a mistake.

In the ODI format we see the teams making a lot of scores now and despite having major totals in the first innings we still see the other team chasing it.

Now even 300 is not a defendable score at all. The teams easily make them in both the innings. the bowlers find it hard to contain runs at times.

Now comes the t20 format and that is where the action comes in a huge amount.  The batsmen and bowlers are always in a hurry because of the limited time frame and covers they get.

But at the same time, this is an established fact that T20 has changed things up. The crowd likes t20 a lot and this is one format that people enjoy more than the rest of the two.

The intensity in a t20 game is so much that now even t20 leagues are amongst the highest revenue generators. This is something that has never happened before. The bat and ball game has changed now and people have taken a lot of interest in it just because of pure action.

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