Yasir Arafat best super over in BBL

Pakistan born cricketer Yasir Arafat is known for his bowling skills in limited overs cricket. He spent a lot of time playing cricket in England. He was part of the T20 franchises as well at the start. He has played Australian Big Bash league as well.

Yasir played for the Perth Scorchers and one of the games against Sydney Sixers, he produced a brilliant super over which remains one of the very best in the history of T20 cricket. Yasir took both the wickets in that over and gave away just one runs.

Yasir bowled just four balls in this over. The very first ball saw the stumps disturbed against the bat of Steven Smith. It was a looping slow ball and the Sydney player had no idea about this ball. He went for a ramp shot which was quite surprising. Smith could have easily hit the ball into the gaps but he made a premature mind about this ball and already he planned the ramp shot. Now we all know ramp shot is very risky when the ball is coming towards the stumps. You are never sure about the actual pace on the ball.

This is what caused Smith bowled out. He was very much on the off side and the ball was pretty slow in reaching him. The ball was not way close to the ball. On the next ball, the new batsman took a single on the off side. It was again a slow ball but this time the batter managed the ball well and hit it in the gap.

Henriques was the new man it and the third ball was a speedy yorker. This one missed the off stump by a whisker. Yasir could not believe it how the ball missed the stumps. It was so-s0 close to the stumps. This also had a genuine pace behind it and Henriques was expecting a slow ball.

The next ball was pitched in the good length area. The ball was outside the off stump. Henriques went to play a shot and failed. The ball hit the edge of the bat and went straight to Simmons at point. That was the end of the Sydney Sixers innings. All they could made was just one run. Yasir gave his side a real chance to win the game. Voges came out to face the first ball from Lee in the second innings. It was a ball that was targeted towards his pads which he just flicked from the middle of his bat and got the winnings runs for his side.

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