Yasir Shah all wickets, Srilankan series

Yasir Shah struggled in the mid of the ODI series till the end. His start was really good and in the first 2 matches he not only remained consistent but also took a healthy number of wickets as per the standards of one day internationals.

However his ODI performance in an overall statistic approach was no match to the one he had in the test series where he just single handedly took out the entire Srilankan team. Yasir Shah bagged the man of the series awards in that one.

Here in the ODI series it clearly looks that he lacks the experience. He hasn’t played much ODIs and in result misses that mantra a leg spin has when it comes to taking wickets and containing runs in the short format cricket.

His captain and head coach though are pretty much satisfied upon his performance and the two have categorically said that they will continue with Yasir in the short format and will not think to replace him in near future.

This is a good news for Yasir at least he is in the side for long now, all he has to do is learn the art as quickly as possible. He is excellent when it comes to test cricket where the field is close and the batsmen always try to defend the ball.

In the limited overs cricket the batsman attack and this is the point where Yasir now needs to learn on how to contain them and stop their shots and runs flow and take them down. This will surely come with learning from one match to the next.