Yasir Shah Last Wicket

Yasir Shah once again rises on top for Pakistan in the first innings of the second test match and finished up with 6 wickets. He is definitely becoming an integral part of the Pakistan bowling line up.

Yasir took his 6th and last wicket after getting a real help from the veteran Younas Khan who took a brilliant running back catch behind the keeper.

It was the tail ender Chameera who was always eyeing for a big shot and there could have been no better place than the leg side to hit one. Chameera went for a hard slog sweep on a tossed up delivery from Yasir.

It was flighted leg spinner from Yasir that pitched outside the off stump and spun more towards the off side. Chameera tried to hit it down the leg side but the ball hit right at the toe of the bat and popped up over the head of wicket keeper Sarfraz.

Younas the only person who could have taken it and he went for it immediately. He covered some paces and took a great catch over his head which is always a hard one to take down.

With it Srilanka ended up their first innings at 315 and had a total lead of 177 runs over Pakistan which is quite handy in circumstances provided at Colombo. Pakistan on the other hand will have to bat out of their skins to save or win the match out of here.

But it was Yasir Shah who has once again been impressive with his line, length and spin. His variations were perfect and most importantly he has the temperament to become a great spinner.