Yasir Shah took his first wicket

Yasir Shah got the most important wicket from the West Indian line up today. Bravo fell lbw to the leg spinner on the evening of day two in the second test match of the series in Abu Dhabi. Yasir got this one thanks to the bowling review Pakistan.

This was a bit short of length ball. It was an orthodox leg spinner and bravo went for a leg side sweep. The ball was bowled quicker through the air and Bravo did not pick up the line, length and pace of it. He was a pretty awkward position when he played at it.

He was neither fully forward nor backward. He was just in between these two positions and trying to get the ball hit on the leg side. There was every chance of missing the shot when he played at it. This was not the right move made by Bravo. The moment the ball hit the pads, Yasir went for a huge appeal. He knew it was out. The umpire on the other hand did not give this one in his favor. Now there was no chance Yasir could have let this one go. He asked the captain to go for the review.

The hawk eye suggested that the ball pitched in line, it did turn a bit but not that much and it was going straight into the middle and leg stump. It was a successful review taken by the Pakistani team. They got the danger man Bravo out of the equation. Bravo knew that he played a wrong shot. In the first test we saw him playing in the best possible way against Yasir. He really confronted the top leg spinner in the world. He played him on both sides of the wicket with authority. But here he failed.

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