Younis Khan run out on 199 against India

Younis Khan once could not get to another double ton. He was out on 199 as his partner Shahid Afridi did not see him coming out of his crease to take a cheeky single. There was no need to take this single as it was too risky and Younis had to walk back at the end.

Younis hit the ball hard and straight. He wanted a single which was not there. The fielder picked up the ball and threw at the batting end. Younis was completely out of his luck here. The throw was a direct hit and it did not let him make it over the line.Younis Khan played well through the innings and the end of his batting absolutely stunned everyone. Even the likes of Shoaib Akhtar were worth watching. He had his hands on his head. Most of the fans had the same reactions as Younis Khan was walking out of the ground.

Younis was not getting a single and when Kumble came out to bowl, he thought that it was the perfect option for him. This was a length ball that did not spin at all. The ball was pitched on the middle and leg stump and Younis hit it straight.

Younis thought that a single was possible here but in real it was not. The pressure on him pushed him to take this risky single. Afridi who was at the other end was not even looking at Younis. He was busy in locating the ball and the fielder. He did not hear the call as well. Afridi pulled his hand out late to stop Younis and at that time Younis was in the middle of the pitch. He went back but it was a direct throw and such throws mostly take out the batsman. Had this not been a direct throw then Younis might had a chance. The fielder had all the three stumps to aim at.

This was a huge blow, not for Pakistan but for Younis himself. He was batting really well and he deserved to get a double ton. He could have achieved it had he not been keen to take that single. Afridi is not a bad runner between the wickets but here he was not having any idea about what Younis Khan was doing. He did not even hear the call which is the reason he was not been able to reply back to Younis. Younis Khan has always been a great performer for Pakistan in the test matches.

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