Zafar Ansari magical bowling in County game

Surrey’s left arm orthodox spinner Zafar Ansari has been selected for the Bangladesh tour. Zafar will play the part of support spinner. But at the same time, Moeen Ali is also there to do this job. Moeen has a big edge over Zafar and that is with the bat.

Zafar is more conventional type spinner. You can say that he is one of the leading bowlers for Surrey. So there will not be a problem in playing with the both for England. They are visiting an Asian side hence the spin on the tracks will be there.

Zafar here is seen bowling for Surrey in a county game. Now wickets in England don’t produce many turns. They are often known for their swing and seam movement. But here we clearly see how well Zafar is bowling and he is getting a lot of turns as well.

Zafar took 4 wickets in that innings. The first batsman tried to cut him but was defeated with the turn. The ball hit the edge of the bat and point fielder caught the ball. The next batter was trapped lbw by Zafar.This time the ball went straight. Possibly this was a variation which the batsman missed out. The ball hit the pads and straight away umpire raised his finger in response to the lbw shout. Zafar was surely impressive here.

The third batsman, English spinner Patel hit him straight to covers. Patel wanted to hit the ball in the same region but much lower than this. The ball was again caught. The fourth wicket for Zafar came off a beauty. He beat the bat with a big turn and the wicket keeper dislodged the bails as the batsman’s foot was over the batting crease.

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